Monday, August 22, 2011


So it's officially been WAY too long for an update, so for that I apologize! I know so many of you are anxiously awaiting pics. of Miss Ella's big day, and I will upload them as soon as I get them! In the mean time I will give you all an update on everything that has happened since Ella's birthday! I am one very proud momma to announce that Ella took her first step on Aug. 10th! Just one day after her first birthday!!!! Way to go Ella!! I also took my first step the day after my first birthday, I find that so special!!! Since then she has taken a few more steps but really isn't showing too much interest in walking lol she can get anywhere she wants a lot faster on hands and knees ;)! She is really expanding her vocabulary! She loves to repeat words, she now says dadda, momma, necklace  bye bye, up, bubble, big bubble, diaper, and I know there are lots more I'm not thinking of right now! She says "all done" and "please" using sign language as well! I have tried giving her some whole milk in her sippy cup to start the transition off formula, but she doesn't like it lol She would MUCH rather drink water. So we are sticking with the bottle for now, but I'm not the least bit worried about it! She is just so grown up these days! She just finished her second antibiotic for her ear infection, we are praying for it to work this time!!! I hate her being on antibiotics so much! She got her 1 year shots, and she was so brave but mommy didn't like it one bit! She just has the hardest time at the doctor office these days. Her anxiety level is just brutal! Ella is loving her swing from momma and daddy that she got for her birthday! She loves to be outside, but it's just been too hot unless it's early in the morning or late in the evening! We have celebrated and passed The one year anniversary of the first time we got to hold Ella, we have celebrated and passed the one year anniversary of Ella's 1st open heart surgery, and tomorrow we will reach the one year anniversary of Ella's second open heart surgery! We are getting family pics taken tomorrow too!!! We are SO excited, hoping miss Ella cooperates and is her usual jolly self! Well I think this about catches everything up concerning sweet Ella!

I know many of you pray for Ella's heart friend Emma! Emma was supposed to have her Glenn surgery today which was the most recent open heart surgery Ella just had. They had to postpone it due to a viral infection, PLEASE pray for Emma and her family as they fight off this cold. As you have seen the way an ear infection has affected Ella you may be able to imagine how hard a full blown cold can be on sweet Emma who is inter stage! Until these babies have the Glenn they are SUPER fragile! So please remember to lift her up in prayer!

Thank you all for your continued prayers! Thank you for continuing to be patient with me while I try to get Ella's birthday pics up! Here is a sneak peak! :)


  1. Can't wait to see the pictures of your big girl.

  2. A year has just flown by! Walking already, yes hands and knees are just much faster! Sweet pea has come so far, she has truley shown us just what God can do even for the smallest of his blessed children.


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