Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Ella has her follow up appointment tomorrow morning at 8:30. Please be praying for her, it will be very uncomfortable. Also please be praying that she starts eating better, she is still not eating well at all. I don't know how much room the doctors will give us weight loss wise before they insist on an NG tube. She is doing very well considering, but still needing lots of prayers! Please pray specifically against infection and sickness, as well as pain management and her difficulty eating. If tomorrow's appt. goes well we should be home bound on Friday!!! So ready to get home and get Ella back on some sort of schedule! We truly can't thank everyone enough for the continued prayers, we know now that the surgery part is over Ella may not come to mind as often. Please don't stop praying for our sweet Ella Dawn, she has MANY hurdles yet to face! Thank you all so much!

Also please remember all the other sweet heart babies that are still here fighting to get well!


  1. Prayers will continue for Miss Ella. Even though the surgery is done, I know that your day to day 'normal' is still very uncertain in many ways (illness, medicine...whatever).

    So glad that you will be heading home soon. Nothing like getting back in the routine to make everyone feel better.

    Joy/Chandler, OK

  2. We continue to post updates on facebook and pray for Baby Ella, Amy and John daily! Our Most Gracious Lord be with you all in everything! Thanks for posting the updates on Ella's Journey. Fondly, Vicki M.

  3. We've still been checking in on Ella! Praying for her and you and for Bowen and Annabelle as well. I truly feel blessed that God has brought me to this site, among others, so that I can walk this journey with you through prayer.
    I just keep thinking that one day, when this life is over, these will be the things that mattered- lifting each other up in prayer, the tears shed over the keyboard as we read about the success and failures that so many go through. Ella and Bowen and so many others have brought so many in the Body of Christ together and united them in prayer! And prayer brings about the will of God on earth.

  4. Hey my name is Wendy I also live in Shawnee,Ok..Pat Tuter was my sunday school teacher when I was younger & when she found out what I was dealing with on my facebook she told me about yalls journey! Baby Ella is going to be in my thoughts & prayers as well as you all..She is so strong & God has brought her far:) I just made a blogspot so I am learning how to work it..haha but it makes me feel better knowing I am not alone through these tough times...Wendy Watkins


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