Friday, January 14, 2011

Quick update

Amy just passed on this quick update to me....

"They are preping to pull her cardiac lines, they might be pulling her catheter too, and I think they are going to seperate the drainage that is coming from the drain tubes to see if they can pull one. Also they will be pulling out her neck line soon and they are going to let us feed her MY MILK!!! No yucky pediasure or formula!!! This will be painful and she will also have to endure CPT (vibrations) to help with the partially collapsed lungs. She will NOT like that, lots of turning and movement."
Thanks everyone, for continuing to pray!
~Aunt Kristina


  1. Bless your hearts! Hang in there. I know this has to be so hard, but the outcome will be so worth it.
    Prayers continue for Ella, Amy & Jon.
    Joy/Chandler, OK

  2. Praying that God grants everyone comfort and God to give Ella relief from pain immediately. Thank you for keeping us posted.


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