Thursday, January 13, 2011

Surgery update #3 More Good News!!!!!

Ella is off the bypass machine now and they are finishing up the procedure!  They they will start the closing up process.  They will give another update in about an hour, and the surgeon will probably come out and talk to Amy and Jon in about an hour and a half.  They probably still won't get to see her for 2-3 hours, but we are very relieved the bypass part is over!  Praise the Lord!!!!  Everything is going so well!!! 

Please continue to pray!

~Aunt Kristina


  1. Praise the Lord!! I just re-watched Ella's video. Wow! She has come so far and only time will reveal the wonderful plan God has for her life.

    Prayers continue for Ella, Amy & Jon.

    Joy/Chandler, OK

  2. I've only recently come across your blog. We too have a CHD little one and know the horror of facing open-heart surgery.

    I have been throughout the morning for your absolutely BEAUTIFUL little Ella. I'll continue to pray as well, during her recovery.

    God be with you!


  3. Been thinking about you guys all day! Praying...


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