Thursday, April 24, 2014

Update from Ella's cardiology appt!

We took Ella to see her card in Dallas on the 18th and I am just getting to updating. It was a great appt!! Ella has moved from terror and tears at the sight of the hospital to excitement and "are we there yet"s as we travel! Ella's tests all looked good and her sats were 91 while we were there! Her weight gain was great, 6 pounds in 7 months! We also have stopped 2 of her daily meds in the last month and  so far she seems to be doing well! 1 of her meds was for reflux that we have tried to wean many times unsuccessfully in the past. This time seems to be different, but only time will tell. The other med we stopped was her lasix that she has been on since her Fontan this last June, it helps prevent fluid build up. So far she hasn't had any problems since stopping it and we are so thankful! Right now Ella is on a blood pressure medication that also helps with her heart function (twice a day) and an aspirin a day as a blood thinner!  This is the smallest amount of medication she has ever been on!!!! These will most likely be lifelong meds. Her doctor did mention that her tonsils were just a little big but nothing to worry about right now. Sometimes bigger tonsils can cause a problem with low oxygen while laying down and with already lower sats they may need to be removed someday (but not right now). Ella was a trooper and the Dallas team was amazing as always. When we checked in Ella got a little goody bag and it had a little stuffed bunny in it who she affectionately named "fluffy" and she is a beloved little friend already. The staff made a little patient bracelet for fluffy that matched Ella's and her card did a check up on fluffy and Ella, he was a good sport and even wore some bunny ears during the exam! After her check up we had to visit the amazing train set in the hospital, Ella loves it so much! 

The day after we got home Ella and I dressed up and went to her cousin's birthday party which was Ella's first tea party! She had so much fun and was "so excited" about her "first tea party!!!" 

Then we finished up our weekend making some yummy Easter treats and celebrating Easter Sunday with our church family for the first time! It was great to worship together on Easter, we have always missed it due to large crowds and it being a bit of the flu season. Ella got some fun Easter goodies in her Easter basket, we also got to share the Easter story with her!! After that we got to celebrate with our family, decorate and hunt eggs and play with cousins! It was a fun but long weekend! We feel so blessed that Ella is doing so well, we never take a good report for granted because we have seen how quickly things can change. Thank you all for continuing to pray for us and our sunshine!!

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  1. Great news from the doctor. I think I love that cardiologist! Love how he examined Fluffy, too, and wore bunny ears. All the pictures are wonderful.


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