Thursday, January 10, 2013


We still don't have any more new information since we are waiting to hear from her Dallas team. However I know many of you are anxious to hear an update so I wanted to at least let you know what we are waiting on.

The last 2 weeks Ella has continued to have sats that go up and down. They are not improving and in some ways it seems to be affecting her a little bit more. She is more out of breath and a little bluer then before. We are still pretty confident that this is not an emergency but obviously something is going on that we need to figure out.

Ella is however cutting a molar and her heart rate has gotten up into the 180's and she is running fever even while on ibuprofen. These are concerning symptoms for a heart baby, but like I said we are fairly confident that it is that stubborn molar that just won't come through. Still we are monitoring her closely and GREATLY appreciate all your prayers, as it could be heart related.

This is a scary time for us as everything is unsure. We are praying hard for God's protection from the apparent outbreak of flu, stomach bugs, and every other sickness under the sun! 

I will let you know when I hear back from her doctors in Dallas, thank you all for your prayers for our girl.


  1. Thanks for the update as you wait for more information. I pray that you get good answers soon and sweet Ella can get back to her self quickly!

  2. Hello Ms. Ella Dawn and her mommy and daddy - we have been checking in periodically from Texas and are glad your mommy posted an update - we continue to pray for you most importantly for God's protection from that pesky flu bug - in the meantime Ms. Ella if your could ask your mommy to post a picture of your cute self - maybe from Christmas that would make your followers very very happy - with a huge Texas sized hug........ Stephanie

  3. I pray that Ella is better soon.


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