Saturday, January 12, 2013


You can thank my hubby and dad who figured out the picture download until late last night! Enjoy the cuteness! :)

Decorating Christmas cookies

Opening presents!

My personal favorite :)

Annual trip to see Christmas lights!

I love to stare at her, she is so beautiful!! 

She gets serious about dress up hahaha!
Last night after Ella fell asleep, her oxygen came up to 86 and her heart rate was down to 88! What a wonderful feeling to see those numbers! This morning she is still a little high on heart rate and low on oxygen, but doing okay. Keep those prayers coming! God is good!


  1. I sure wish paisley and Ella could play together! She looks like such a fun little girl with a ton of personality! I love the one of you all in the car making faces.

  2. Thanks to your hubby and dad for getting the pictures to share - what an adorable girl - love how intensely she was working on decorating her Christmas cookie - and my absolute favorite picture is her with the glasses and dressing up - glad to hear about the oxygen and rates going in the right direction - many hugs from Texas - seeing picture of Ms. Ella makes me smile. Have a super Sunday


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