Sunday, July 8, 2012

Pizza and swimming! Summer fun!

Ella and Daddy making our first homemade family pizza!

 Kisses for the cooks!

 Waiting patiently...

 and not so patiently :)

 someone stole some tastes!

 We make a pretty great team :)

 Swimming time!

 Not so sure at first...

 decided that she LOVES the pool daddy bought for her!

 Our sunshine!

 4th of July cutie! We got stuck in traffic because of an accident and missed the whole firework show. :( But the few we could see from our spot on the interstate Ella called "sun" and "rainbow"! It was super cute! 

 Our almost 2 year old!!!!!!!!!!! 

Thank you all for continuing to follow Ella's journey and keeping her and her friends in your prayers! She is such a joy to care for and teach, life with her seems too good to be true! We thank God everyday for her life and for another day together, God has been so very merciful to us! 

Please keep this little one in your prayers ( I haven't personally followed her story, but she was brought to my attention today. Thank you!


  1. Three cheers for homemade pizza!
    Ella is enchanting!
    This is utterly and completely random... but, are y'all going to home school Ella?
    You totally should!


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