Sunday, January 29, 2012

Prayer request.

Ella has had some vomiting the last few weeks. We haven't been too concerned since she has had random vomiting since she was born. She had some bad gag reflexes due to the ventilator. about a month ago I really felt like we were finally making some major headway in her eating. In the big picture she has been a champion eater, but we have just had some minor hurdles to jump. Her vomiting is not consistent and she is already on acid re-flux meds. I am concerned because she is getting most of her meds, but not all of them. I checked her pulse and oxygen level earlier this evening and it was not it's normal. Her heart rate was in the mid 140's and her oxygen was in the low to mid 70's. We like her heart rate in the 120s and her oxygen is usually around 83, in fact her oxygen had recently been in the 90's. So these numbers are certainly unpleasant to see. I will be putting a call in the the doctor tomorrow, but please be praying that she is back to normal as soon as possible! She is acting happy and has no symptoms of sickness. We really don't know what this could be. Also she is teething so I'm thinking that could have something to do with it. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Anyway we really appreciate your prayers for our sunshine. Watching her throw up is so sad, but as always she is all smiles as soon as she is done.


  1. Oh Amy,

    We just read this and we will start praying specifically for this. She is such a precious girl. Keep us posted.

    Cindy Cole

  2. My prayers for you Ella, go baby girl!

  3. Ella will be in my prayers. She is growing up so quickly... What a beautiful little girl...


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