Saturday, July 23, 2011


Well as you all know it has been our goal for the last 11 1/2 months to keep our sunshine healthy! So far so good, until a few days ago. She had a little bit of clear snot and of course it caught my attention since she hasn't ever had a runny nose. She hadn't slept well and was running a very low grade fever (99.3). So after a few days of her having these slight symptoms I thought it was most likely teething, because she was not eating great and just showing all the signs of a new tooth trying to surface. Then she got a diaper rash from the heat. She has also had a strange looking rash on her chest scar for quite some time. With all this going on I decided to take her in just in case. Turns out, she has eczema on her chest. The doctor gave me some cream for it, hopefully that will help. Turns out she has yeast on her bottom, the doctor said all the babies seem to be getting it with this heat. Turns out she either has a very mild cold, allergies, or is just teething. The doctor said she had a very small amount of fluid on her left ear but it is not infected. We are praying it doesn't turn into an ear infection. Over all she said she looked great, she said she didn't even think it was bad enough for benadryl. So over all I guess she isn't sick, but still kinda sad. I am hoping to keep her "sick free" at least till she turns 1. We are so close, so hopefully this cold/teething/allergies thing doesn't turn into sickness!!! Sickness is band from my house! If it does turn into a full blown cold, I will be very disappointed. Ella's nose doesn't seem to be runny much at all anymore, but she sounds a little congested in her head. I guess we will have to wait and see. God has a plan and I know that He is taking care of her, in fact the doctor was just amazed that miss Ella is 11 1/2 months old and had never even had clear snot before! So I guess He is in control! I told her that we have been very careful, and she said even being careful that is amazing! We are getting used to hearing from doctors that she is doing beyond amazing, but it never gets old!!!!!!!!!! Also our sweet sunshine is pulling up to a standing position without help! She has done it two or three times while I have been watching and three times when I haven't been watching! Two of those times were when we went to get her up from a nap she was standing in her crib!!! She is such a BIG girl! She loves to play with her leapfrog learning table and she will take a few steps (still pretty uneasy) while hanging on to it! If I put the table next to the couch, she will transfer from holding the table to holding the couch! She is crawling all over the place, she is getting pretty fast too! She is just doing GREAT! Thank you all for your continued prayers for our sweet sunshine!

-Please pray that whatever this is that she is dealing with would not turn into sickness!
-Please pray that she would be able to eat and sleep better soon!
-Please pray for her heart friends, especially Annabelle. Annabelle had a heart transplant and had a severe episode this morning and required cpr, an ambulance ride, mediflight, a ventilator, and picu stay :(

Ella's new trick!
 The two loves in my life having fun :)


  1. What a big girl! Try to relax and trust the doctor when she says Ella isn't sick. I know it's hard, but think positive.

  2. I am a follower of Hope for Emma's Heart, and I check Ella often. She is so precious and you both are wonderful parents. I know you cherish each moment of her life. Congrats on her progress.


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