Saturday, July 2, 2011


One morning she woke up with her hair strait up in front, I guess she slept on her face lol

                                                           She always makes us smile!

                                                            Going out on a family date!
                                                The date started with dinner at one of our favorite places. One of the few places that sounded good from time to time while I was pregnant, also one of the few places that I haven't thrown up in their toilet (not that you wanted to know that)! This trip was extra special to me as it brought back memories of times more uncertain. Jon and I went here just weeks before we left for Dallas with all the unknown ahead. As we sat there eating, a couple walked in with their brand new baby girl. In fact they had come straight from the hospital, she was still wearing her hospital bracelets. I couldn't help but cry. I desperately longed to embrace that little baby and sob, but knowing the parents wouldn't understand I refrained. One of the hardest things for me was seeing parents bring their new born's home right away, I was happy for them, but angry and sad that I wouldn't get to take my tiny baby home right away, and for that matter maybe never. So on this day, as I sat one booth away from where that family sat back then, Ella smiled and cooed, happy and healthy 18 lbs. 10 months old, I couldn't help but cry again. This time they were tears of joy and whispers of beyond grateful "thank you's" to my merciful Jesus. Sometimes as inadequate as "thank you" is, it's all that can escape my lips... and I say it over and over and over again...everyday. God is so Good!
                                                             Here we are, a family of 3!!!
             Next we moved on to Ice Cream! She went to town at first but quickly decided she had enough ;)
 A few days later she had a bite of Oreo and loved it so much we had to get out the camera to catch her                             excitement... this was the result of my camera shy child hahaha she is such a goof! :)

                                                               I LOVE MY FAMILY!!!


  1. She is BEYOND adorable! Love love love this!!!

  2. She's getting to be so big!! She is always getting cuter:)

  3. She is so pretty! It's impossible to tell that she's been through so much in her short life. :)

  4. She makes me smile, too. What a cutie!

  5. Ella is a "ham".

  6. You are such a gorgeous family!


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