Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day! Growing up father's Day was all about my daddy. Who he was, what he did for us, all the good times we've had! We would scramble around to spoil him extra on Father's Day. I like to think we spoiled him a bit all year with it being all girls in my family!  :) Truth be told he spoiled us a little too, well he spoiled me at least, after all I was the youngest! :) Love you Daddy! Father's Day has always been a special day, but somehow now it means even more! Being married to the man of my dreams, having the baby girl of my dreams, and watching them together... wow! Being a parent certainly makes me realize that before I was a parent, I really didn't understand just how much a parent loves.It is INDESCRIBABLE! I have to brag on Ella's big strong daddy here, it's so easy to do, and after all it is father's day! I remember when we were first getting to know each other, going on dates, talking, I wandered what kind of dad he would be someday. He talked tough,  I wanted him to be a "daddy" not just her "father". We talked about baby names (yes before we got married) I mentioned the name Ella and to my surprise he really liked it. We tried to come up with a boy name, but never really could. We knew the middle name would be David after my sweet hubby himself (Jonathan David) So we jokingly from then on when referring to future kid's we used the name Ella! Little did I know that on Dec. 8 2009 we would get the positive pregnancy test that would forever change our live's and would officially make Jon a daddy of a little girl named Ella! He was so excited as was I, he picked me up in his strong arms and ran around the house like a crazy man lol He was so cute! He is NOT the expressive over the top type of guy, so I was a little shocked at first :) But now I know the power of a little girl on her daddy and I know that was just the first of many more over the top actions from her daddy for her! When we thought we lost our sweet baby very early in the pregnancy, we wept together. He was strong for me, but I could see his heart breaking. He loved her deeply, instantly, she already had his heart. When I was in the hospital 3 times fighting for her life, he was there. He drove the nearly 2 hour round trip to work and back every night to sleep in a horrid stiff chair at my bedside. Jon literally carried me when I was too weak to walk, he held my hair when I threw up, he made my food and when I felt too sick and wanted to refuse (every meal), he lovingly yet firmly ;) forced me to continue to take another bite to save our unborn child's life. He was her advocate. For nine months he stood by my side doing far more then his share of the work, without him and his persistence Ella would not have been born on Aug. 9 2010 at 3:23pm weighing 7lbs. 4oz. 19 3/4 inches long. He came to EVERY single doctor appointment that I had throughout my pregnancy, He loved to hear her heartbeat! Once she entered this world, as much as I deeply wanted to care for her... they had to take her away. And even though I missed those precious first moments of firsts for her, he was by her side standing in where I could not. The moment she was born and we touched her hands, we knew we couldn't lose her. As the teams of surgeons rushed her away I remember Jon was going to be going with them to be with her. It was the first time he was leaving me to care for her, I was still in surgery and scared. I watched as a whirlwind of people took my baby away and Jon gave me a kiss told me that he loved me and he was gone.  He was a father, yes he was still my husband, but I wanted him to go, and  for the first time I wanted him to care for someone else. We understood our love for one another, it was time to share our love with another. He sat alone for 7 hours through her first surgery while I was in recovery. He stood by her bedside all night long. He came and checked on me when he could, but his heart was now part hers. I didn't mind because you see she had captured part of mine as well. She didn't steal our love from one another, she made it grow! Jon has gone above and beyond and is the definition of father! He gave her, her first kiss, her first bath, he showed her love! Ella has made Jon a father, but he has become a "daddy"! Watching the two of them together truly is the best site, the love between them is bubbling over. She light's up when she sees her hero, and his tough talk from before.... well let's just say she might just be a little spoiled from her daddy :) But that's okay, that's what daddy's are for! Jon is an amazing man, husband, father, friend. He is our HERO! We love you SO MUCH! Happy Father's Day!!!!!

                                                  My two favorite people in the whole world!


  1. What a lovely tribute. I can't see the photo, tho.

  2. Amy that is a precious tribute. You and Ella are most certainly blessed.

    Have you met this family I just happened to come across their blog while checking out a church website in Midwest City.


  3. Those daddy-daughter pics make me cry - so precious!

    Btw, I don't know if I've commented on here before or not, but I've been following Ella's story for quite a long time and have prayed for her and you often. (I found your blog through a friend of mine who I believe knows you in person, and was asking people to pray.) I have a little girl who is about the same age as Ella (just a few months older). My daughter had a few minor challenges as a newborn and was in the NICU and children's hospital (only a few days each), and she had to have 02 for about 6 weeks. Even that was hard enough to go through, with such intense emotion, that I can only imagine how much more difficult it has been for you all with everything Ella has been through. Your blog has been such a blessing and inspiration, and it's such a joy to see Ella growing and doing so well now. I will continue to pray for her and you!

    Charis C.


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