Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ella's First tooth!!!

 About a week ago I got some very exciting news!! I FINALLY know EXACTLY how much Ella weighed and how long she was when she was born!!! For some strange reason Texas doesn't put that information on the birth certificate, then when I called the hospital to ask they told me it was private information and they couldn't tell me! I was shocked, and nearly in tears after pleading with them and explaining that the reason I hadn't got the information right when she was born like every other mother was because she had been whisked into surgery right away. I knew they had weighed her because they had to know her weight to give her the right amount of sedation medication. I said "but I'm her mom, I have her social, my social,... please I just want to know her weight and height!" "I'm sorry mam, that is private information... etc." ARG!!! "So you're telling me that this information that isn't even private that every mother is told right away you can't tell me?!" "Yes mam, that's what I'm saying" "I really don't understand, isn't there anyway I can get the information??" After a long debate... " Well you can request a form, fill it out, mail it to medical records, and there is a fee." " I have to   fill out a form, mail it in, and pay to find out her weight and length?" "Yes mam" "Are you serious?!" "Well your pediatrician may have that information on file." "So I DO have another option?" "You can ask."  Well I did try, I called the front desk of the pediatrician and as I suspected they didn't have that information on file, and they could only request it from medical records if I came in person and showed them my ID. So the next time Ella had an appointment I asked the doctor and she told me she would get it!!! About a week later as I was walking through a store, my phone rang,  it was the nurse calling to give me the information I had requested! I grabbed a pen and then, I heard for the first time, what I had been waiting to hear.  " 7lbs 4oz. 19 3/4 inches long"  I felt like I had just been given a moment that I had missed! I was beaming with pride and nearly burst into tears right there! After such effort and 8 1/2 months I thought I may never know, but God is so good! I couldn't believe it! So although this information may seem small, I feel like it is such a great gift to know! Never take the little things for granted!

Also, I have a picture of Ella's first tooth! It's tiny but it's SO cute!


  1. Such a beautiful face to go with that beautiful first tooth! :) Congrats on getting what should have been given to you with no hassle. :) So glad you were able to get it. It makes your heart sing to hear what your baby weighs when born!!

  2. I can really see the blue and brown eye. We haven't ever been able to get that close to Ella so we haven't been able to see that. She's beautiful

  3. That first tooth peaking through is always such a precious sight. It signifies yet another milestone on sweet Ella's progress. Praise the Lord! So many things we other mom's/gmom's take for granted and yet they truly are very special moments.

    Prayers continue for your family.

    Joy/Chandler, OK

  4. Good for you and for being so persistent! You are such a sweet mama, you deserved that info. The Lord is giving you an insight into mothering that most of us take for granted. Thanks for sharing and for reminding all of us that we should count our blessings.


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