Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Update on Doctors visit!

Ella had her pediatrician appointment on Tues, and she is getting caught up on her immunizations :( So she had to get a shot, she was so brave! I was wondering how she was doing on just "normal" baby things, so it was good to get up to speed on what she should be doing and eating! I was relieved to know that we are doing almost everything just as we should be!!! Big sigh of relief for this first time momma! She is small for her age but she is following a growth curve so they aren't concerned. Also it is common for heart babies to be small anyway. She is just over 8 months and she is weighing 16 lbs. 3oz. and she is 28 in. long! Due to her 3 hospital stays, and all her recovery time she is expected to be set back with her development (crawling, walking etc.), even though her mental state is normal. So her doctor asked all the questions concerning her current abilities and to our surprise she was completely on track on one category, and she was just under normal for her age on all of the others! It was a great report!!!! The doctor was VERY pleased and so were we! Then today Ella had her cardiology appointment and she had great sats, great blood pressure, great EKG, great echo cardiogram, and we don't have to go back for 4 MONTHS!!! Yahoooo! They said to still be cautious with her because we still want her to stay as healthy as possible, but as far as her heart health all is great!  Now we just have to do our part to keep it that way! Thank you for your continued prayers for our sweet Ella Dawn!!!

Ella's heart friends:

Please be praying for Charlotte  , she had her last open heart surgery today (this will be Ella's next surgery)

Also Please keep miss Emma in your prayers as well, she is still waiting on her heart transplant, but she is doing so much better then expected in the waiting process!!


  1. Oh my God I'm so thrilled for Ella.
    Bless her little heart:))

  2. She is doing great. Hope is 19 months and she is only 28 inches and weighs a little over 16 pounds. Ella is such a cutie the pictures!

  3. Miss Personality!!!

  4. How exciting! Look at her soakin' up that sun! :)


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