Saturday, April 9, 2011

Happy 8 months Ella Dawn!!!!

Wow 8 months... how did that happen?!? Regardless of how fast it went by, it has been FILLED with countless sweet memories! Ella is doing remarkable, she is off oxygen and is showing no signs of any complications! She is on aspirin (thins blood to help heart function) , enalapril (blood pressure) , prevacid (stomach ulcer) , and Maalox (acid reducer). She is not even wearing her heart monitor every night anymore!!!! That is exciting because it is a step forward, but scary because we don't have an alarm that will go off if something goes wrong. It hadn't sounded in several nights but being able to glance down the hall from my bed and see her heartbeat and her heart rate and her oxygen number somehow gave me peace of mind. I guess I can't always have her on a monitor... so we have to Trust. Trust that she will be ok, trust that God will wake us if their is a problem, trust that this is a good step!

I want to ask you all to keep this family in your prayers tonight This little girl has HLHS. She is also 8 months old and has been in the hospital since she was born waiting on a heart transplant... as of 4am this morning a heart has been donated to her! I cried as I read this I was so happy for this family, but I also cried because I was sad for the family that lost their baby today. I was moved by their generosity to donate their sweet babies heart, knowing that one day we may be waiting on a heart and the gift of a life for a life. Please pray for the two families involved in this situation.

Well here are a few pics. to comemorate 8 months of the unbeliveable blessing that the Lord has givin us!


  1. Amy, she is SO unbelievably beautiful!!! I swear, she is one of the cutest babies I have ever seen! :-)

    Heart Hugs,
    Amy & Bodie

  2. She just gets cuter everytime we see her:) Love you all

  3. Ella looks like she's saying, "See, I told you everything will be alright."

    Praise the Lord for His blessing!

    Joy/Chandler, OK

  4. She is so big and perfect! Congrats on your beautiful girl and congrats to your friend whose baby received the heart--such wonderful news.


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