Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Post surgery update

Ella's cath surgery went well. It was very hard on her emotionally the night before and the morning of, but she did amazing! The surgery did not reveal any problems and things look beautiful inside! While that is great news it also means we don't have a clear answer as to why Ella is having the symptoms that she is having. At this time we will continue as we have been, just knowing that Ella has more limits activity wise then we were expecting, but, that we may be able to improve that some if we work hard on helping her build endurance. Once she came out of surgery she didn't feel very good and had to keep her leg straight for four hours and her throat hurt pretty bad from the ventilator, they had to pull her IV, and once it was time for her to start sitting up she threw up. After that they wanted to keep us for a little while longer just to make sure she was okay before letting us go back to the Ronald McDonald House. She had to have a special pressure bandage that we had to leave on for 24 hours and we just took that off once we got home and the sight looks really good. She seems to be feeling pretty good, she hasn't complained about too much pain at all, just minor and hasn't needed any additional pain meds. I've even had to remind her not to run or jump a few times! As always the staff at Dallas Childrens were incredible, the nurses that cared for her pre and post op were so nice! It made the whole day much easier for all of us! 

Daddy made her an indoor tent at the RMH!
Pre cath snuggles, smiles, and "see Ya laters" (never gets easier... not pictured all the tears)!

Post cath recovery and discharge!

Recovery snuggles at the RMH with the best daddy ever! 
Please continue to pray for her healing process and for no sickness or infection! Also please pray for her mind as she processes what she went through, so far she is verbilizing well but is experiencing some after anxiety. Nothing too severe, just some things here and there trigger it for her and so prayer for us to be able to have wisdom to help her through those emotions are so appriciated! 

We made it safely home and I'm hoping   we all get some MUCH NEEDED rest tonight and that Ella has no nightmares.

Last but certainly not least, I want to wish my sweet, amazing, strong, kind, angel, of a husband a happy 9th wedding anniversary! Living life along side of you has taught me so many things. Having you for a husband, team mate, and best friend, and watching you be a father are truly some of my greatest blessings. I love you forever and always, thanks for choosing me! 

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