Thursday, March 19, 2015

Update on Our trip to Dallas

We took Ella to see her GI specialist in Dallas yesterday. It was a smooth trip and Ella did very well. She is still having some trouble eating, lots of stomach pain, her energy level has been a little bit low, and her bowels have still not been normal. She is on four medications/supplements and a special diet to help with this. We are excited we are going to be able to start weaning some of these medications and supplements as she tolerates it. One of Ella's biggest problems is that she doesn't go to the bathroom regularly, and has incredible bladder control. When we saw the doctor yesterday he told Ella she can't hold it like that anymore (we tell her that all the time, but I guess it's different coming from a doctor 😉)! Ella was able to repeat to us what the doctor said and has been doing very very well ever since then! This morning she told me that her stomach felt all better! It's amazing what being regular will do for ones tummy! Please keep praying that we are able to help her move in the right direction and that we are able to wean some of the medicine and lean more on natural sources! We will be heading back to Dallas to follow up with GI and to see cardiology in about 3 months if everything goes well between now and then! As always we are so very thankful for your continued prayers!! 

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