Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Quick update and prayer request!

Ella's 4th birthday is this Saturday and we are SO excited! Ella has been counting down the days for the last month and we have a big cake coming through the icing smiles organization again this year, plans for a party... only one problem, we are all sick :(
 Somehow we caught a summer cold the beginning of last week and we are all still a little stuffy. :( Ella is handling it like a champ and her symptoms are not too bad, some coughing and a little bit of a runny nose. Jon also has pretty mild symptoms, it has actually hit me the hardest. I have a pretty bad cough and things seemed to have settled themselves in my lungs. All in all the most important thing is that Ella's body seems to be fighting this well! We would just be so thankful if you would lift us up in prayer for healing from this cold. We want so badly to celebrate Ella's birthday with friends and family, but we will celebrate big even if it's just us 3! It would just be icing on the cake if we could feel well at her celebration! Thank you all for being so faithful to pray for our family! Here are a few recent pics of our sunshine!


  1. Praying you all feel much better by Friday.

  2. Oh, my gosh, these are adorable!!! :D I know what you mean, I've had the hacks myself this past week. Praying for everyone to feel well again in time for her birthday party!! :) Blessings to you guys!!


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