Friday, January 31, 2014

update on our little sick girl.

Update on Ella: She is hanging in there, but her oxygen did get pretty low today (low to mid 70's). Since she is not supposed to be below 85, it was obviously startling to see that number post Fontan. We are just watching her to see what she needs, but right now she is doing okay and is able to bring up her numbers with a little rest. If you remember we just had our oxygen supply picked up from the house earlier this month. That being the case, if she does get to the point of needing oxygen we will have to take her to the hospital. We are certainly not there yet, but she needs to keep her numbers higher then they were this afternoon. She is playing a smiling a lot so she clearly is not letting this sickness get her down. Fever is off and on but thankful her heart rate has been down when she isn't running fever. We appreciate your continued prayers for her to get well soon. As "mild" as this is, it has really affected her numbers. This just shows us again how fragile she is despite how healthy she looks on the outside. Thank you all for praying and checking in on her, it means so much!


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