Sunday, September 15, 2013

Update on Ella's appt.

I still don't have my computer yet, but should have it back soon thanks to my dad for working on it! 

Ella's appt went well, she has gained a little weight and is almost back up to her pre Fontan weight! Ella chatted it up with everyone and was pretty good during all of the tests. The tests all looked so good we don't have to go back until the beginning of April, unless we have concerns before then. That is nearly 7 months!!!!! That is by far the longest we've ever gone between appts., so we are thrilled about that! Ella's appt. was on the 13th which is also the same day 3 years ago that we brought our baby girl home for the first time! It was neat to drive that same drive three years later to the day and just think about life then vs. life now. Ella did have a nightmare last night, but they are far less frequent then before. Overall we got a great report and Ella is doing very well! Praise The Lord! 

Jon and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary on the 14th and got to go on a date while Ella got some much enjoyed time with Nana! Ella also got her first big girl haircut at the salon! She was so brave about it all. I'll try to post some pics once I get my computer back! Jon also took Ella on her first "daddy date" and oh my goodness they were cute! he took her to get ice cream and then shopping where she got candy, jewelry, and a new hair bow! Ella is really blossoming in her personality, and I love sharing her sunshine with others and seeing the happiness she brings to them!

As hard as it is to believe that it's already that time of year, it is mid September and it's FLU SEASON. I heard today that there have already been some cases of the flu in the city. We ask that you PLEASE get your flu shot, if not for yourself then for all of those around you that the flu could be fatal for. Also if you are sick, stay home. Another thing you can do this season to help you and others stay healthy, is to remember to wash your hands often and use your arm to cover a cough not your hand! 

We really appreciate your continued prayers, especially during the flu season and as Ella is being exposed to more germs then before. We know that something can go terribly wrong at anytime with Ella, so we always cherish your prayers. 


  1. How could a little girl pick from all those beautiful bows???? She must have been so excited. Love the pic of the ice cream cone "lick." You all are so blessed and we know you realize just how blessed you are. You have said it over and over. Your future will be bright with this little angel by your side. The reminders of the hand washing and covering the coughs are welcome!! Sometimes people just forget. Bless you all as you move forward.

  2. So happy for a good health report!


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