Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Liver update

You may remember on our last trip to Dallas Ella had a liver ultrasound. We immediately were told something was abnormal, but that they needed more testing to fully understand it.

The next day I got a call from Ella's cardiologist letting my know that they have one of the best radiologists in the country and that she and her colleagues all had reviewed the ultrasound and they were stumped as to what is going on with it, but they agree something is definitely off. That is when the Radiologist said she felt that Ella needed a sedated MRI soon and that it needed to be done in Dallas because of the importance of the test being done just right. This information is initially what set me on fire to fight the insurance hard and fast. In the words of her cardiologist, "this is something we need to fight hard for".

We just got the dates for her MRI. We will be going to Dallas on the 23rd. Ella will have some testing on the 24th to make sure she is healthy enough for sedation and then early morning on the 25th Ella will be sedated and they will do the MRI.

We ask that you pray that we all stay healthy leading up to, and throughout, our time in Dallas. If Ella gets sick between now and then it will most likely have to be postponed since with sedation you have to be healthy for several weeks prior. Please pray that we are able to get into the Ronald McDonald House. Please pray that Ella remains stable, she is starting to have less energy and is sitting most of the time and when she is up she is often very out of breath. Please pray for good results and some answers!

We thank you all!


  1. Bless your sweet hearts, all 3 of you. Prayers are coming your way from many people. Prayer is powerful and it makes you wonder how people deal with life without being able to pray to our Almighty God. We are looking forward to hearing from you and your updates on your precious sweet little Ella. Think positive. You have been so strong thus far.

  2. Will be praying for Ella. Love the pics you've shared of her. What a joy <3


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