Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Surgery is Finished!

Jon & Amy are with Ella now in recovery just waiting on her to wake up. The Dr's said that everything looks great, at this point they don't know what's causing her problems. It could be that it's lung related, not heart related.  Jon & Amy will get to take Ella back to the Ronald McDonald house tonight, and the cardiologist is working on getting Ella an appointment with a pulmonologist there in Dallas sometime tomorrow or Friday. They will also be sending a heart monitor to be used when Ella has one of her episodes, so that what goes on with her heart during an episode can be recorded.  Immediate prayer requests would be that Ella will be calm & peaceful when she wakes up, and that Jon, Amy, & Ella are all able to get some good rest tonight. Also for continued protection from sickness.

Thank you all so much for your prayers, and we will try to update again later this evening.

~Aunt Kristina


  1. May our merciful Lord Jesus watch them

  2. I'm happy to hear everything looks great and will pray for further good news.


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