Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

Ella's Easter Basket! 

 She is serious when it comes to chocolate bunnies! 

My sweet girl!

Hugging her bunny after biting off it's head!

 Egg hunt!

It was a great day just the three of us! This Easter I find myself so incredibly thankful for the gift given to us all! I think about the sorrow Mary must have felt when Jesus died, and what JOY must have consumed her when 3 days later he AROSE!! happy resurrection day! Today is Ella's 20 month birthday!!!! What a wonderful life I have being her mommy! She is such a wonderful little girl. I know I make it sound to good to be true, but it is just that amazing! Ella is talking so much now, She walked up to me a few days ago and started touching my face and said "Momma beautiful, Momma beautiful" Then she walked away saying "happy, happy, happy," Then she sat down and picked up her Christmas story book and "read" it saying "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus"! She LOVES to say "prayers" at dinner and bedtime, She often says "Ella beautiful" and she laughs at nothing and makes us laugh too! She is very encouraging and likes to say "Good Job" and "Yay" She is showing good manners and says "bless you" when we sneeze she says "please" and "thank you". She says "No thank you" and "all done" when she is finished. She goes to bed without a fuss, she eats good, she plays alone well, she doesn't do something after she knows it is a "no, no" She loves to watch "Boz" in the mornings and she likes to "snuggle snuggle" She is constantly giving unprompted hugs to Jon and I! She will just walk up and wrap her arms around our legs and squeeze tight and say "ohhhhhhh" It melts my heart every.single.time. She said her first sentence last week, She came up and gave me a hug, and while hugging me she said "I love you so much"! It was so sweet, brought tears to my eyes! She really is quite a hugger, she hugs everything, stickers, chocolate, toys, hats, books... anything. She is so sweet! She is as perfect as they come. No I'm not making this up. She is AMAZING! I say it a million times a day, Jon and I both talk about how unreal she is at least 10 times a day! On her fussy days, she is smiling 90% of the day. She rarely cry's at all. I could go on forever, but I have a feeling no matter what I would say it would never accurately describe how wonderful my miracle is! I hope you all had a wonderful Resurrection day! 
Remember to check our youtube channel for new videos of our Ella! "amyladawn"


  1. What a wonderful update for us all. She looks so sweet and seeing all the goodies in the basket brings back memories of my children and grandchildren. We know you cherish every moment. And, we know you are not making anything up. She is loved and she knows she is loved and she is just "coming out" like a beautiful rose. Be sure to get some hand prints as she grows. Another wonderful granddaughter colored a picture of some clothes that were in a coloring book about what God provides for us. Of course she she was only learning and the coloring was all over, but I put it in a frame and it is in my laundry room. I dearly love it. I am a grandma and I cherish everything about my grandchildren. Thank you for the wonderful update with your little "Easter Sweetie".

  2. You guys are just so very blessed. You have been blessed by the Lord in a very big way, I am sure He has great plans for each one of you.

    It just seems like yesterday you brought Miss Ella home, its hard to think of how fast the time has gone WOW almost 2 how exciting!

  3. You are so blessed.


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