Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ella is OFFICIALLY walking for good!

So as of Dec. 6, just three days before turning 16 months, it is official that Ella is walking!! I love it! She is walking better then she was in this video already! She is walking all the way across the room turning and walking some more!! Can't believe it! It only took 4 months from her first step to taking off! hahaha. Enjoy!


  1. It won't let me view it! Says it's private! I wanna see her walk! (Yes, I need some cheese with my whine, *grin*0

    Seriously YEAHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Walking is such a HUGE HUGE step!!! Annabelle is almost 17 months, and still hardly uses her legs at all, so it's a long ways off for us, but she'll get it in her own time, just like sweet little Ella did!!!!

  2. I had a little trouble with the video, but from what I could tell, it is the cutest thing! You must be tickled pink!! Go, Ella!

  3. Absolutely adorable!!!!!! Hurray for Ella!!!!

  4. hurray for Ella. congratulations on this new milestone! Ella is so cute.(:


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