Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Monumental week

                                       Snuggle time with daddy after bath and before bed!
Sweet baby girl

tummy time and lots of slobbers :)

playing in her bumboo!

she fell asleep holding her toy, so cute I had to take a picture before I put her in her bed :)

On  our way to see the Christmas lights!

I think I was too excited she was a little freaked out, I was so happy to be out as a family even if we still didn't come in contact with other humans :)

chillin with daddy before we started to drive!

She LOVED them!

Well Ella is 4 months and 6 days old! and this week is the FIRST week we haven't seen a doctor since she was born!!!!! We have made it half way through the week, and as long as Ella continues to do well we will make it!! I am so excited, I'm so sick of going to doctor's offices. I am grateful for them, but sick of them ;) So this is a very monumental week for our family! Jon and I took Ella to drive through a Christmas light display... she loved it! She was so interested she would follow each display with her little head as we slowly drove by, it was SO CUTE!!! Also Ella did so good sleeping last night, she sleeps 12 hours about every night, but still gets up to eat at 7 before she goes back to bed for her last three hours of sleep! Sometimes she wakes up for her passy but not last night!!! She is such a big girl, she also said "momma" the day before she turned 4 months!!! She was crying when she said it, but it still made my day!!! We LOVE HER SO MUCH!!! She always makes us laugh and smile! Thank you all for your prayers, please continue to pray for all of our health as the surgery approaches! Thank you Lord for Ella!!!


  1. This made me smile. Love you. She's beautiful.

  2. Miss Ella sure is growing like a little weed! She is so beautiful and sounds like she is growing just fine

  3. What beautiful pictures!! It sure looks like you are enjoying this wonderful holiday season with your sweet girl!

  4. You are possibly the cutest family on earth :) What a creative way to enjoy the holidays with your beautiful daughter!

  5. Ella is such a CUTIE!!! Thank you for sharing part of your lives. It is such a joy to hear how she is growing and developing just like God intended. The pictures are priceless!

    I continue to pray for you all as you face each day and anticipate the day when Ella will again undergo surgery. God is sooo good. He has blessed your family greatly and all the praise goes to Him. He will direct the doctors and you to choose exactly the right time for Ella's next surgery.

    In the mean time, have a wonderful Christmas! I pray that God's peace and joy will fill your hearts.

    Joy/Chandler, OK


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