Monday, October 25, 2010


Yesterday we had Ella's baby shower!!!! It truly was a special moment for me, so many times throughout the pregnancy I wondered if we would get the chance to shower our little girl with presents! I remember making the choice to wait to have the shower until after she was born. I was torn over the decision. I didn't want to "give up" on her, I wanted to believe she would live, but at the same time doctors kept telling me the odds weren't good. I thought having a room full of baby things would be so much harder on us if she didn't make it. So together we choose what things to do before she was born and what things to wait on. Waiting for the shower turned out great! We were so blessed by all the friends and family that came to be apart of such a celebration! God is so good to meet our needs! I can't thank everyone enough! Ella is doing well but we do have some specific prayer requests. Ella will be receiving the rest of her immunizations tomorrow, last week was hard on her and hard on us. Please pray that they go smoothly and she doesn't have any bad reactions. Also please pray that she won't have to stay in the hospital after her shots. (Some heart babies don't handle the shots well and end up in the hospital for observation for a night or two.) Also please continue to pray for our health, the flu season has begun and although Jon and I have received our flu shots many other sicknesses and coughs are flying around. We have taken Ella to church a few times now, but we both have felt a strong caution to keep her home as much as possible from now until her next surgery. This will be hard on mommy and daddy, so please pray for us to continue to have strength through this season of staying secluded. Ella's oxygen stats are doing great! We don't know the date of her next surgery yet, but it could be as early as before Christmas. Please pray specifically for the Lord's timing for this to take place. Thank you all for the continued love, support and prayers. We are forever grateful!


  1. We are praying so much for Ella & for you & Jon! Let us know if we can be a blessing in anyway! We love you guys & we're praying always!

  2. I am so glad you enjoyed your shower- you certainly deserved it! And so did Ella!

    She's a beautiful little girl and such an inspiration.

  3. It was wonderful to see this beautiful girl! You all continue to bless me by praising God for the countless victories thru this journey! I will keep praying and praising right along with you!


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