Saturday, May 28, 2011

Update... because it's been awhile :)

Well our sweet sunshine continues to grow stronger everyday! We are so in love with her spunky and sweet personality! We see more and more faces and hear more sounds everyday! I have no idea where she gets all her crazy faces ;)!!! Ella has just cut her second tooth and it's so tiny and cute (of course)! She is just starting to rock back and forth on her hands and knees! Also she is getting more balance when we practice her standing! I don't know what she weighs right now, probably around 17-18 pounds or so! She is eating much better, she still struggles quite a bit with any texture. She gags/throws up from time to time when she eats her solids, but she sure is improving! Ella has been sleeping great! She is still pretty skinny nearly 10 months and still wearing size 2 diapers with PLENTY of space to grow! She also is still in size 1 shoes! She is growing tall though, who would have thought she was going to be tall and skinny ;) Her hair is turning lighter everyday. Her tips are still very dark but the roots are getting quite light. I really don't know what else to say in the update, she is perfect!!! :) If you have any questions you would like me to address here feel free to leave them in the comments, and if possible I will answer them! We ask that you continue to pray for Ella, even though she is doing amazing, she is still of course ALWAYS at risk.

I follow a blog of a sweet baby named Tripp Roth. His blog is In one of His mom's recent posts, she touched on the subject of germs, after learning that her son was fighting an infection. I thought she said it perfectly! She put it this way:
 "I made all new signs- for the back door, over the sink, in the bathroom.  I'm even going to start asking people to take off their shoes when they come in.  I mean, think about it, your shoes are the dirtiest, most disgusting things.  No telling where you've stepped or what you've stepped in.  I should've done that a long time ago, I know.  But it just seems like some people still don't get it.  I know that I wouldn't want the bug I pass on to Tripp's open sore to get into his bloodstream and cause him to be in the hospital.  You know?? ... But I guess not everyone thinks like that.  So I'm here to remind them:)  And it doesn't matter if you just left home and took a shower or if you washed your hands before you left the house... did you touch the door handle? or your steering wheel? or the buttons on your car radio???  All of those places have germs.  And when you come out of the bathroom... I mean REALLY- does that even have to be explained??  So before you touch my little pumpkin's toys... SCRUB HARD."  

Tripp has a very different circumstance then Ella, but the fact that germs must stay away remain the same! It is just so hard when people do not take Ella's condition seriously, mostly because she looks so healthy on the outside. When I read Tripp's mommy's frustrations of people not taking necessary precautions I immediately felt for her. Having to watch your child go through the difficult path life has given them is hard enough. Altering your life more then you ever thought possible to keep them healthy, safe, and as pain free as possible. Then to have someone who either unknowingly or worse knowingly disregards any boundaries that have been set in place to keep Ella safe, truly is so very painful. Look at the pic. above and remember what we are fighting for! I guess some people will never understand unless they experience the fear in a parent's heart raising a child fighting for their life...

Please continue to keep all of Ella's heart friends in your prayers as well as Tripp the baby in the link above that has "EB" Thank you friends for your faithful prayers! We can't thank you enough for all the kind words and gifts that have been sent our way! God is SO good!

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  1. Prayers continue for your family. I cannot imagine what your day to day life is like - CONSTANTLY being concerned about things that most of us never even think twice about.

    Ella is soooo adorable. You may have a different life than what you expected, but you have been given a sweet, precious gift. God knew you were stronger than you ever dreamed you could be and that you would cherish Miss Ella. He knew you would 'fight' for her and give her the very best life possible. Ella is blessed to have the two of you as her parents.

    Joy/Chandler, OK


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